Externalytics supports decision makers in simulating scenery’s impact.

The platform provides an analytical framework for assessing investments and policy Interference on environmental quality, economic performances and social equity.

Externalytics reduces costs and other effort of producing consistent, updated and robust estimations of externalities. It also allows effective and powerful representations thanks to interactive graphic libraries.

The (sustainability) impact assessment end-to-end procedure is based on a framework of assured data (sourced from official statistics and institutional organizations), a solid modelling engine (in line with the best practice from multilateral bodies) and common sector metrics (compliant to recognised international standard sets).

The platform’s computational engine applies state of the art economic models of the economy, in line with the best practices adopted by the multilateral and supranational organizations, with the aim to provide rigorous and reliable impact evaluation of programs and projects (see details on the methodologic approach).

State of art based


Based on state-of-the-art economic methodologies in line with the international best practices with the aim to provide rigorous and reliable analysis.

User friendly


Multiple scenery can be easily simulated, and the results can be explored through a intuitive dashboards and graphs.

Open and interactive

Results can be explored through a dashboard based on interactive graphs and mouse over handbook, and all data cab be exported in multiple formats.

Effective and time saving

Avoids taking care of researching bulky data set and designing, building and maintain complex socieoeconomic models.

Always updated


Models, datasets, metrics and protocols are updated on a regular basis, relieving users from risk and effort related to data assurance.

Global scope of work


Incorporates a library of models and dataset aligned to official national accounts of over 200 countries, continents and regions.

Fully integrated

Provides a set of collateral tools to monitor fund form multilaterals, analyse economies’ structures and explore additional insights.

Standard compliant


Expressing outcomes according to standard metrics, suitable for multiple internal and external uses.