We help companies and governments resonate with people and environmentby performing Impact Analysis of investments and policies and blending public and private capitals in effective Sustainable Finance solutions.

Climate change related issues and growing complexity and uncertainties in the global market require rigorous assessment of externalities, opportunities and risks related to both public and private investment. In-depth analysis of the relevant policy framework, economic structures and business environment becomes crucial to drive timely decisions on projects' viability for all stakeholders in the pursuit of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

OpenEconomics responds to this growing need, in a context of independence, transparency and objectivity, developing and applying advanced methodologies to evaluate projects' impacts in terms of both financial and non-financial indicators and contributing to build effective implementing and financing solutions.

Impact Analysis


We provide in depth studies concerning all aspects of the social and environmental performance of policies, assets, corporates’ entities and projects, with special attention to the contribution to climate change mitigation and to inclusive and resilient growth.

To this aim, our team led by Prof. Lucio Scandizzo:

designs and applies state of the art economic models of the economy, in line with the best practices adopted by the multilateral and supranational organizations, with the aim to provide rigorous and reliable impact evaluation of programs and projects.

Provides outputs in compliance to the most relevant reporting frameworks (SDG, GRI, WBI, OECD MEI, ISO, …) using interactive graphic instruments allowing micro and macro analysis to support an effective dialog with all the stakeholders.


A team with over 50 years of cumulated experience

Over 150 projects analysed in more than 30 countries

More than 10 billion of investments evaluated

Sustainable Finance


In synergy with our know how in Impact Analysis, we have been developing a unique experience of analytical work and assistance in supporting Sustainable Finance arrangement for projects related to climate change, circular economy and socioeconomic development.

We assists our clients in optimizing the blending between private and public funds and in utilizing structured finance instruments for complex projects through tenders and negotiated procedures.

To ensure all disbursements are aligned with project implementation and timeframe, our day-by-day assistance covers all economic aspects of financial and non-financial project management in compliance with:

the project proposals and contracts
the donor requirements and procedures
the regulation constraint and law obligations


A team with over 35 years of cumulated experience

Over 200 projects analysed

More than 1 billion of secured public funds